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  1. Thanks I'm located in Pretoria though, so I'll ask around a bit
  2. Thanks! Does anybody have pricing on those R2M's?
  3. sal daai ergon's help vir die hande wat so doodgaan? ek het gister op 'n langerige trippie gegaan en die hande word so lam soos nog iets. as dit werk, maak dit seker nie saak hoe dit lyk nie?
  4. Bicycling is the better mag, IMO
  5. What are they charging for the Felt?
  6. Fantastic - good luck guys! I'm only getting my new bike on the 31st or I would've joined. I will be there in spirit!
  7. Perhaps the organizers should post the full details again for those who haven't been following the multiple threads...
  8. OK this seems useless
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