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are there any grouop rides in somerset west??


am here on holiday with the bike and am wanting to ride...
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Wannabee cycling club has a few group rides:


"Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 05h30 from Waterstone Village Centre <?: prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


Saturdays and Sundays at 06h00 from Waterstone Village Centre


On the 16th and 26th we will start at 06h00"

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The CYCLING CLUB HELDERBERG has grown out of an informal social group known as the WANNABEES which met on a regular basis for a period of about eight years which was driven by Erill Kemp.


With the need to cater for registered riders and the challenges faced with the control of large informal groups the     club was formed in 2008 and are still fondly known as the Wannabees




So what is in it for you?


1.    There is a home for all.

2.    The team which has been at your beck and call all these years behind cycling in the Helderberg is still in place.

3.    You have a club that offers you the following portfolios and advantages under the auspices of the Main Steering Committee:


?        A get-together for like-minded people with different abilities and goals

?        Safety Committee with Law Enforcement/Traffic Control on board.

?        Social Committee ? organised breakfast rides etc

?        Clothing/Designing Committee

?        Junior/Schools/Sub and Vets Development Committee

?        Double Century Committee at least 4 teams per year entered

?        MTB Committee with organised off-road rides (monthly)

?        Organised controlled group rides 

?        Quality kit at give-away prices

?        Discounted prices for products/services of sponsors on presentation of membership card ( e.g. Dulce?s ? Waterstone, Helderberg Cycle World)

?        Training programmes for different events

?        V02Max testing at the Stellenbosch Sports Institute at reduced cost

?        A wealth of knowledge and experience available in house, ranging from standard fun rides, out rides, DC rides to Epic encounters/nutritional talks/bicycle maintenance workshops      

?        Back up vehicles on long training rides

?        Licensing as required by CSA

?        Weekly newsletter and blog site available with links to other main cycling information centres



The group rides meet at the Waterstone Village parking area at the following times


                  Saturday/Sunday/ Public Holidays            06h00 

                  Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays        05h30 (specific 8 week programmes for events such as Argus, Burger Sanlam)


Groups are divided up into slow, medium and fast. Routes are decided by designated callers based on weather conditions. Distances may vary per group and time constraints. Rule of thumb is 2-2.5 hours on Saturdays, 3-3.5+ on Sundays and 1 hr on weekdays.


Basic safety rules apply.


?        Ride within yellow lines

?        Single file where there is no shoulder

?        Stop at all robots

?        If someone punctures ? the whole group stops

?        Policy of ?no-one goes home alone? applies

?        No helmet ? no ride

?        No tri-bars


Great Kit at good prices


?        Club Cycle Shirt                                                           R280

?        Club Cycle Pants                                                         R320

?        Club Cycle Bib Pants                                                 R370

?        Wannabee winter jacket                                             R390






All of the above for



?        ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP                                  R250

?        SCHOLARS                                                       FREE


?        FAMILY MEMBERS             PRIMARY MEMBER      - R250             

?                                                        ADDITIONAL FAMILY MEMBERS                - R100


?        CASUAL WEEKEND RIDERS will be charged R10 to ride with the group. These monies will be collected by the caller on the day.



The subscription for new applications will include the cost of a top: i.e. R250+ R280= R530 (Black/Club pants will have to be worn with Club tops)



 Steering Committee:



Club Chairman                      Danie Morkel

Vice Chairman                         Anton de Freitas

Secretary/Admin                    Charles Nesbitt

Treasurer                               Anton de Freitas

IT                                            Michel de Clippel

Clothing                                  Pieter Schoeman

Road Control                          Danie Morkel

MTB                                       Danie Morkel/Petie Viljoen

Safety                                     VACANT                                    

Double Century                      John Arnold

Social                                      Wendy Botha

Media Liaison                        Charles Nesbitt

Members /Events                   Volki Bauer





 Please feel free to contact me or any of the Committee Members should you have any queries.




Charles Nesbitt







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  • 6 years later...

Hi Charles


Found this post. Im looking for a group to ride with weekends only. Perhaps seeing its almost end of the year perhaps I can join you on a saturday?


Please can you mail me the info or meeting place on a saturday?


Kind Regards


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