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Ciclosport Hac4 pro plus


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I would like to know if there is anyone on the Hub that uses one of these and could perhaps assist me with using some of the functions.???




HAC 4 Pro Plus

Bike, Altimeter, Power, Heart Rate and Cadence with Data Recording. A truly professional-grade computer for those who want total information about their rides.


12 bike functions:

  • Current speed
  • Average speed
  • Speed comparison
  • Total distance (Bike 1 & 2)
  • Auto start/stop
  • Two-in-one system
  • Daily riding time
  • Total riding time (Bike 1 & 2)

12 Altimeter functions:

  • Current Altitude
  • Home storage altitude
  • Maximum altitude
  • Cumulated daily ascent
  • Cumulated daily descent
  • Cumulated daily altitude
  • Current ascent/descent in %
  • Average ascent/descent in % 
  • Maximum ascent/descent in %
  • Speed ascent/descent
  • Average ascent/descent speed

3 Performance functions:

  • Current watts
  • Average watts
  • Maximum watts

9 Heart Rate functions:

  • Current HR
  • Average HR
  • Maximum HR
  • Programmable upper and lower HR limits
  • CicloInZone
  • Optical warning signal
  • Training zone memory above/within/below HR margin
  • Current calories burned
  • Total calories burned

3 Cadence functions:

  • Current cadence
  • Average cadence
  • Maximum cadence
  • Data Recording:
  • Up to 120 hours of data recording
  • Computer uplink using USB cable HacTronic Pro Software

Graphical diagram of the following functions:

  • Heart Rate
  • Altitude
  • Bike Speed
  • Watts
  • Temperature
  • Ascent/Descent
  • Cadence
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I would like to use the performance function for training. what I would like to know is how accurate is this info that is obtained from the computer and what would influence the readings .

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There's a performance function? You clearly want to use this for more than I ever have. Sorry. Phone Mark or Wolfgang at Dragons? Or ask Bikemax?

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Oh, got it! The power stuff, no it's not very accurate unfortunately. It's not a power measuring device so it can't be. It jst calculates power, kinda like the iBike except with alot less input parameters so it's not great. I don't even bother with it.

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