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Schwinn Moab 2007


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Hi Guys


I've got a mate who's had his Schwinn Moab 2007 lying in the garage for over 18 months (having a baby might have had something to do with it). I've offered to buy it off him, although we both not too sure what I should give him for it. What do you guys reckon, 5/5.5k?







...looks like it needs a good service as well.




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Wezzo, if it been lying around for a while it will need a good service.


Maybe you can get him down to under R5K and then use that money for a service.


I dont know if that is rust or dirt on the chain.


Wjay kind of riding do you want to do ? Since you might need to spend some money on SPD type pedals.


Hope this helps


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Thanks for the info Slowbee.


I haven't seen the bike in person but he says it's dirt. He has also offered to throw in the spd pedals as well although does say one of them is bent - so I might have to buy a new set there. Intend to use it for trail riding.




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if you are buying a bike 2nd hand a bent SPD is useless. It shouldnt form part of the bargain.


If you havent seen the actual bike, I would go see it before you set a price and pay for it.


You will also need to check the brakes, especially if its been standing for so long.


I agree with Di you need to offer him less than 5K, try 4K and see what happens.


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Size? and what's the location of the bike?


Not too sure on the size, the bike's currently in Schweizer-Reineke will be a testing ride to get it back.




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Thanks for the help guys. Slowbee, yeah I'm definitely going to have a look at at it before I buy it - he's up in Joburg this weekend, so we'll see.

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