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Warranty issues


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Calling all those who have imported bikes/frames before...


I want to import a Cervelo frameset.  What happens if there is a warranty claim?
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If you dont work through the authorised dealer, you will have to process the warranty through the "shop" you bought it from. This will cost you shipping charges and Quite a bit of it.

The chances slim that the local distributor will warranty it without any charge


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With Cervelo it's not "if" it's "when". I guess you are screwd as the local distributors can refuse you service.







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I brought my Cervelo from Europe with me when I moved to SA. I am the original owner of the frame, and have it registered with Cervelo.




During recent Cervelo fork recall (Wolf SL forks, http://www.cervelo.com/WolfSLRecall/), I experienced no problems whatsoever with my bike shop here in SA. In the matter of fact, as part of the fork replacement campaign, Cervelo required the bike shops to do a complete overhaul of the bike, which they duly did - free of charge.




I have had similar, no questions asked international replacement policy experience also with my Giro MTB helmet.




All of the above is based on personal experience, with sample n=1, rather than official policy.




Hope this helps.





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