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  1. of course it is what are you on about. . don't need anything more the Aspens . . even in the wet😤
  2. saw this in Canada recently very neat. . a bit wobbly during transport. but they are everywhere so have to be good. https://www.1up-usa.com/
  3. I find it entertaining the way people focus on his sleeping attire. Like it was a premiditated choice of attire to persue the little ****s. Same type of Afrikaans tannies judging people for standing outside in frokkies while watching the house burn down. Touching underage girls becoming physical. would it have been different if it was boys. . equal rights and all? Makes the poor man sound like a pedofile. He paid a fine and went back home. . . what consequences did the girls get other than attention that they were clearly seeking the whole time.
  4. So last Friday someone drove into our bikerack damaging the third bike holder base. This happened in our complex parking lot. The person that drove into it wants to have it assessed for repairs. I am not thrilled of the idea, mostly due to the idea that something in the mechanism fails later due to something that was missed. Are there any trustworthy places that can do this or have a look at it.
  5. When I was in school and we came to cape town for the cross country events the kombi we came in had a bike rack in the front as well.. . mates.telling you that your bearings is wearing out while the wheels are spinning on the drive????????
  6. Would be curious to see what durability this will have on the Shimano brake levers. the concept is cool the product a tad pricey. However still cheaper than a new set of levers. https://redpandacomponents.com/
  7. on Rocky mountain site, the element is no longer listed. . something new might be in the cards. should be good.
  8. Have the people that pre ordered a Mobu recieved them yet? or are they still in prototype phase?
  9. a shoulder joint is a pain in the . . well try and maybe start off with a physio that specializes in shoulder rehab.
  10. I do know he does sell the bikes, for example the uber 7.33kg spark was sold
  11. it can work but will me more time consuming and not as accurate. on a side note had to set an trainer belt to a frequency with a frequency meter earlier this year.
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