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  1. Would be curious to see what durability this will have on the Shimano brake levers. the concept is cool the product a tad pricey. However still cheaper than a new set of levers. https://redpandacomponents.com/
  2. on Rocky mountain site, the element is no longer listed. . something new might be in the cards. should be good.
  3. Have the people that pre ordered a Mobu recieved them yet? or are they still in prototype phase?
  4. a shoulder joint is a pain in the . . well try and maybe start off with a physio that specializes in shoulder rehab.
  5. I do know he does sell the bikes, for example the uber 7.33kg spark was sold
  6. it can work but will me more time consuming and not as accurate. on a side note had to set an trainer belt to a frequency with a frequency meter earlier this year.
  7. https://www.bidorbuy.co.za/item/487431882/BIKIGHT_Spoke_Tension_Meter_Tensiometer_Bicycle_Wheel_Builders_Tool_Digital_Scale_NO_001.html Just saw this
  8. Cwc has 2 from ice The digital one is quite sexy???????? But at R10K. . .
  9. I spent 3 months in cebu. Where about in the philippines?
  10. So is this a pubcrawl on bikes?
  11. If he is 24 this year. Then he must have raced elite last year.
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