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Did any Hubber perhaps witness the scuffle that broke out between two riders on the 40 k route at the weekend? Apparently it statred over a waterbottle and ended up in the one guy being bumped off his bike and ending up in hospital with a broken shoulder!!!

Anybody witnessed this or know of somebody that did. It apparently happened at the 18k water table...


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AngryNope, an old school friend of mine came to the rescue of the guy. Apparently he missed the incident with a few minutes, the aggressor having "done the deed" and chased off. Wish I was there though to witness it. Regardless of the level of provocation, you don't bump a guy off at 30kph!

Had a similar aggressive b#stard at the recent Barberton race!
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Pantani: if it is a common thing nowerdays, I'm scared-very, very scared. It's not as if we're winning the battle against the already "made up"perceptions of cyclists out there only to be confronted with a new breed of "hooliganism" amongst ourselves! Holy cow! if the fight started over a water bottle and ended up in hospital, way down the field- whatsup with us...?

Perhaps we deserve the tagging to an extent?
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