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  1. Ok guys and gals, here is the full story. He was sentenced on the 8th May as follows by magistrate Kahn in the Krugersdorp Magistrates Court: Charge 1 Assault with the intent to do GBH: 2 years house arrest with correctional supervision,Community service of 20 hours per month for 1 year Charge 2 Assault with the intent to do GBH: 18 months in prison suspended Charge 3 Common assault: cautioned *GBH= Grievous bodily harm Effectively, Leeuw will spend his time the next 2 years in between his home and facilities which the DOCS determine where he shall serve the community service. This includes facilities where abused women and children are housed and it will be determined in correlation between DOCS and his social worker. He is self employed: construction work/civil engineering and therefore he will need special permission to leave his home which serves as his office. His wife is divorcing him, so he is tied up in that as well. The same attorney, Mr. Moody that represented him in the criminal case, represents him in the divorce matter. The magistrate made it very clear that this collective type of assault should , as a first offender, be seen by the community as very serious, hence his verdict returning him to the community for execution of sentence and justice to be seen to be done. The magistrate said that, if he sends him to prison, he will become a "sacrificial lamb". He will in all likelihood not be seen on a bike very soon, let alone assault a woman or anybody for that matter. His defence was basically grounded on self defence, stating that the woman was the aggressor. The magistrate found that he hit the woman "multiple times with the fist in the face." No evidence was lead in aggravation regarding a suspected and apparent tendency to act violent, but at 50-someting, het sits with a criminal record relating to assault. Steven Leeuw has reached the end of the road where people tolerate his violence. I pity him as a fellow cyclist and human being. I hope he sorts out his aggression and wish him well for the future. Case closed.
  2. Actually a sensible answer! I saw the whole incident happening. Regardless of what the motorist did or did not do, this is plain assault that took place. All the elements of a criminal act were there, and irrespective what grade of provocation he may plead, this was an intentional act. As the matter is now sub judice, this is all that I am disclosing at the moment, but this incident will not go away by itself.
  3. If he is, Admin must assist to get him. This has become a criminal prosecution matter.
  4. Yes please, I'm willing to testify as an eyewitness of the incident.
  5. As I said yesterday, I saw what happened from the beginning. This guy was in the wrong and seriously so. Whatever the lady did wrong (giving her all the benefit of the doubt) that lead to the incident, nobody should be allowed to punch a woman in the face with fists, four times.I know that eventually and to literally get him off the lady, a cyclist picked up the moron's bike and donnered him into submission and temporary sanity. This was when he got onto the bike and rode off. This is also why the perpetrator should be found and be made an example of, because he does not represent my sport and my gender. I sincerely hope that the van Heerdens are able to get him charged and convicted.
  6. http://www.netwerk24.com/Nuus/Algemeen/fietsryer-klap-vrou-gooi-warm-koffie-op-haar-man-20160926
  7. You obviously have first hand experience, probably as a seasoned journo...?
  8. ...it's not 'later this week' ...yet...at least this side of the universe...
  9. Check netwerk24.co.za later this week for the facts of the incident.
  10. I was a witness of this incident. I would also like to know who this man is...
  11. In an effort to get my lean, mean winter hibernated body squeaky clean- I need directions from the Hubbers where to turn to for a professional leg wax in the Pretoria area...please!
  12. Sean:Pity cos I'm trying to write a lot of constructive stuff about these guys and now is not a good time to turn down positive media exposure opportunities.The next day the story is no longer news... Opportunity lost. Pity. I find it interesting to note your comment on "timing". You do not say for which publication the exposure was considered, but I assume its for Bicycling. If so, I further assume your magazine has longer "time limits" on stories being mainly a monthly publication. Or are you referring to the deadline for publication of the next issue? How do you guys time your coverage of long "real-time" events like the TDF and Giro?
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