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Woman's specific bikes


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Hi, due to all the gr8 advice i recieved on my bike/frame post I thought I would get a few questions answered by the experts. As I am also looking for a road bike for my wife (158cm tall) I have suddenly come across all the Woman's designs marketing. Is this necessary or is it again a marketing fad. There is not a huge variety out there (mainly Trek & Scott) and they are all at a premium over the normal/male orientated bikes. I absolutely agree on the specific design saddles etc but have noticed that many of the geometries of the Woman's designs are similair to the small men's designs - sometimes only 1cm difference in top tube or seat tube.

There generally are much better buys in small mens than Woman's bikes. Any ideas or suggestions? 
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Hey there!


Check this one out


And this is the full bike:


i've had this one, (but the components differ and it's the white and orange model) for 4/5 months now - wonderful bike and rides like a dream. By far the best i've ever had. Big%20smile


So IMHO...yes, i think a women's specific design makes for a more comfortable ride and i would definitely recomend it to all ladies.


I'm only a cm or two taller than your wife, so she'd probably also need a 48/49 frame.
nellie2007-03-05 14:24:10
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