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  1. Hi guys, Looking for a place that rents out bikes for a day. Having a non-cycling friend over in a couple of weeks who we'd like to take out for a biking adventure and needing to lend a bike for 13 September. Tandem preferable as this would be a bit easier for her, mtb first prize, but a road tandem also fine. Otherwise the next option would most likely be an e-bike, but also not sure where to start looking. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a million!
  2. Hi.. Anyone from De Aar coming through for the event? I need a lift for just one back wheel, pretty please?
  3. Mtb - specialised Jett comp gel Road - specialised Oura Pro Bought the Jett (said to be an all-round Road, mtb, tri saddle) for a steal when I decided my mtb needed a saddle upgrade...never had a day's problems.. Loved it so much that when I had to upgrade my road saddle I went to look for the same one, but there was no stock / wasn't being made anymore, can't remember which.. So took the Oura which is more of a road racing saddle and love that saddle even more... While i am mostly indifferent when it comes to most other specialized products am definitely a Specialized fan when it boils down to their saddles. Well priced, beautiful and can ride all day..
  4. https://www.bikehub.co.za/classifieds/167041-campag-chorus-8spd/ ...if anyone would be interested...
  5. Part of the 98%...extremely happy with my purchase from Northcliff this morning...good bunch of people
  6. I agree with most of what has been said to a certain extent, and while i am slowly becoming more of fan / more trusting of online shopping, i still love browsing and checking what other stuff is around... To take an example, we were looking for some slime, grips, a frame and a cycling top over the weekend. As we had time, we drove around a bit - Mike's Bikes in Greenside, Linden cycles, Sportsmans Warehouse, Northcliff Cycles, Cajees Cycle Corner and Cyclelab. At some of these we ended up just browsing as they stock less of what we needed, but we got slime for much less than we could get it online, grips at a steal, saw and fitted a top i that i loved, which i probably wouldn't have found / considered online, saw a few cool frames and a few that we also would not necessarily have thought to be possible buys by checking it online. We went for these items, but browsed through the rest of the shops and that's going to have me go back and buy a helmet that is on sale from the one (i checked last night, this specific markdown is advertised on their website as well, so good on them) and possibly a 29er from the other. I love considering my options after seeing everything and fitting everything that is on offer, so i like the physical shop and having a chat with the owner. I find Mike's Bikes extremely helpful when you need to find something not widely stocked (ordered an earo / TT bottle a few months ago hrough them) and when it comes to basic bike setups, advice and i just generally like the friendly service you always get from them as well as all the oddities and cool stuff in their shop. Linden stocks what seem to be quite a nice selection of reasonably priced new bikes, so if i hd been looking at buying a full bike, it's not a bad place to go have a look. Sportsmans is sportsmans....they've got the basics, but for a retail store it's not bad and i have found stuff there quite regularly. Northcliff....i love that place! While their full bikes are mostly above what i could spend at the moment, i love the rest of their stock and have found many bargains there over the last few months. Found an inline seatpost amongst their older stock for a 3rd of the price that i could get it anywhere else (online or shop), we got some proper discount on Oakleys a while ago, slime was less than half the price of most other places and they are having great deals on helmets... Have had only good experiences there and it's advised to spend some time browsing - some items are not marked with prices, but Alex gives very fair prices on these items, especially if it is from their older stock. Cajees stock a lot of stuff, but i found it quite a mission to wade through what to me felt quite a disorganised setup, having to climb over some items to see what is hidden behind, while still charging a pretty penny for a lot of it. That said...they have some pretty cool frames, even if most of it is older. And Cyclelab...saw a very good deal on a 2nd hand mtb from a shop that i mostly perceive to be a little overpriced. But the experience is and always have been very pleasant in a well setup shop with pretty stuff on display. So that was going through from probably one of the smallest to some of the biggest shops....all have their place and overall i like going round to see what they have hidden in the corners. I do quite a bit of research before buying anything, so compare these vs the internet and the shops do not always come out too badly priced, so i have mostly opted to go back to them and getting my goodies there
  7. Works pretty well...updates on Vitality as soon as you upload your workout to strava
  8. Haha...i'm a proper funrider at this moment...just gradually working on the fitness.. Give a few spin classes Monday-Friday, mostly evenings...so that keeps me going, but would love to get out on the road more too. Currently getting my mtb sorted out and properly fixed up to sell...so will probably only get myself a decent new build for offroad next year sometime.. Ahhh okay...you literally pass by my house...so might as well get my bum in gear and join thanks!
  9. Hahaha...love the VW hashtag! And definitely...need to get back into proper racing again as of next year, so really need to start commiting to getting out on the road more often through the week as well.. As for safety...just newish to the area and mostly been exploring the Spruit trails around here, so no clue where to safely take my road bike just yet... over weekends i'm mostly out of town, so then we just go ride wherever we are at that stage. Where do you live? Maybe we'll see you guys on the road then:) safe riding!
  10. Okay okay...so...seeing as it seems we're only going to be 2 or 3 girls so far....the guys are welcome to join in...and you don't even have to dress up like girls now I'll be at Makiti at 7am anyways, regardless, so whoever feels like joining is welcome.. Got confirmation from the lady at Makiti that there is parking available for cyclists and that they do indeed serve good coffee and waffles... I'm thinking one loop should suit everyone? Although...this can be decided on when we start off?
  11. Ag can't we rather start hating on people riding Dogma's now? Because at the moment that seems to be the new bike of choice for every other funrider with a few bucks to spend? And not to even get started on how these people pimp their bikes... saw one in a rather pretty pearl white, but the rest of the bling to accompany that was sickening....gold everywhere from the chain to the handlebar tape... *ducks and runs*
  12. Cost? Looks like a pretty cool event!
  13. Jip, was also bummed to hear that you get capped on that...even without the app your gym visits and events would have probably been picked up before the app though Although...you should still be getting your smoothies for reaching your goals
  14. For everyone struggling to get their fitness points up...do a few parkruns(500points each and doesn't cost you a cent) Really fun 5km run / walk to get a Saturday going every now and then. Then - when you do races - remember to go online and claim points for them...some will give you 5000points... Only down side to this is that your fitness points get capped at soemthing like 15000 per year, so that sucks...reached that quite quickly and not getting points for going to gym etc anymore, which is a bit of a bummer. Other than that...do all the online stuff - mental health / emotional health etc.. Go for a vitality health check at Dischem / clicks...can't remember, but doesn't cost much.. Also really helps to setup your online profile...check in there evey week or so, very user friendly and a lot of tips to be found. Side note to everyone who has their car insurance with Discovery as well... go do your TWT check asap....my fuel rewards went up from R94 to R368...so really worth the R95
  15. We'll see how this one goes and maybe do another one sometime next month...bit of social before the holidays :-P
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