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Fridays stage of Giro


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can the organisers please arrange for someone to sweep the section of road past the quarry and up to the T junction of Tygervalley road. it is covered in building stones. there are also a few humps / bumps / ridges of old tar on both sides. it wont take long for a team of Durbanville Municipality workers to get the road in shape. better still get the quarries to do it as that is where the stones originate from.

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ConfusedI ride along Contermanskloof regularly and there's no doubt it is quite dangerous with the loose gravel that is spilled frpm the trucks going in and out of the 3 quarries along that road. Over the last 2 years or so I have contacted, and have had meetings, with the managers and they promised to clean up their "front yards" but it didn't last for long. They, of course, blame the truck drivers for overloading,etc.

Numerous e-mails with the City officials (it comes under Durbanville's juristriction) only results in usual stories - no manpower to police, no money to fix, etc., etc.

From Tikkies to Vissers is not tooo bad, but the other direction is bad!
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PM Erik Zaber - I don't know if Carinus will check his mail in the next couple of days.

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