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  1. its difficult to make out their kit. i wonder if it wasn't the german track team?? i would expect them to get a pull up tiekie
  2. did he steal it from rsa or did he order it (via a fence) from rsa. expand a little it would be interesting to plot the trail backwards to rsa.
  3. yes you are in the wrong, any other vehicle is not allowed to do it.
  4. are you guys still training at five am.
  5. i had no problems with my cassette / chain from CRC , when i paid the vat i just emailed DHL the goods were delivered the next day. i got notified of the payments by email on 13 dec and received delivery on 18th (the 17th was a public holiday)
  6. interesting story about the trophy
  7. do u regroup at any stage so that there are no stragglers going past the Hi Jack section just outside stellies on their own?
  8. thats actually fast taking into account the number of intersections/4 ways stops you have to negotiate from the shop to the bottom of polka. do you ride down old oak past aandrag , bottelray and then into annandale?
  9. i can believe this. i rode on the cycle path on saturday morning on my own. with the inclement weather the path was quiet with a few pedestrian/joggers. there isn't much place on the path when (and this is when murphy's law comes in) oncoming bikes and a jogger / pedestrian meet. the path is just not the place for training at speed and i was just happy to spin along but was surprised by some cyclists who were tt'ing head down, got the impression they did not take notice of oncoming traffic.
  10. i was out training the other day, i had my son with me and thought that it would be an ideal time for him to practise a tube replacement. we had many cyclists passing us and shouting 'u need help'. they were roadies,mtb'ers. yesterday on the club ride we did the Llandudno route - just too many cyclists to greet every one. but we (roadies) encouraged all those that we passed on the climb up to top.
  11. to tjop J072 who joined our bunch and then blew both nostrils into the fine unpolluted west coast wind go back into your hole.
  12. so the cape epic have in the past had good riders competing but never the best.
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