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License Confusion?


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Ok, I've read everything thats been posted on licenses and 94.7, but I'm still in the dark (happens oftenLOL)...


In order to be "licensed" (all I wanna do is ride my bike and enter a few races) what do I have to do, because its far from clear to me:


How are the following related:


Cyclosport license

Cycling SA license

Central Gauteng (or other provincial) license


Do you need one or two or all of them?


When would you need one, and not the other (obviously I know CGA is for Gauteng only).


How long are they valid for?


Can you get a license (and which one?) without joining a club, or MUST you join a club?


Do clubs just sell the licenses, or must you buy the whole package (membership, kit, etc?)


Do all clubs accept members from anywhere (e.g. does Wits Cycling Club accept non-Wits students/staff, as an example).


So many questions, so much confusion (or that could just be meConfused)!




vbrake2007-03-08 23:40:02

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Eish! I'm feeling kind of lonely right nowConfused!


Does NOBODY know the answers to ANY of these questions?!?


I'm out of town from Sunday for two weeks (unfortunately NOT for the Argus) and was hoping to have a bit of clarity before I left ...


If anyone does figure anything out, please share it with us, and I'll respond when I'm back...


Thanks everyone!
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