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My Best performance yet


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I just have to tell someone who might associate with what I am going trough.

Yesterday at Northern Farms, I broke my personal best of a sub 2hours ride for 41km's. And I rode 51.5km in 2hours 33mins. I am very stoked.


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Congrats!! We are regulars at Northern Farm.

The longest route we have done at Northern is 45km. Do you have a map of the 51kms route?


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Thanks you.


I don't - I make up my own - and its pretty much the same everytime. I do single tracks more than once too - for example the one on the left side, comming from the lowes point (Lanseria) up towards the beginning, just after the hectic bit of uphill. I try to do that about 5 times before going back to the beginning and then start again. But instead of going all the way to the fence next to the mealie fields I turn down at the first left and go pass the bird dam quite close to the beginning and do some single tracks at East lower Canal.


I love Nf'ms and know the tracks pretty well now.



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