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  1. I will put money on it that Rowyn won't be available for comment.
  2. I agree. I would allow the cheaters to run. If they do finish (which I highly doubt), I won't give them a medal and name and shame them afterward.
  3. Good luck to all running this weekend. Two Oceans is one of my favorite races, I miss being ultra fit.
  4. I saw some excellent times on Strava. Well done to all that ran yesterday. And in other news I see @Andrew Steer is back 👌
  5. I am borrowing the playbook from Steer as well... I started training for CT marathon (16 Oct) at the beginning of July... First and second week went well, third week exams got in the way, third week I sprained my ankle (fell while running with my puppy) and still nursing it this week. I hope to start again next week if all goes well. Good luck to all that will be on the starting line on the 28th of August. I have huge respect for all of you training through winter!
  6. Interesting article from The Runningmann: Comrades will cost you R13.76 per km... Bielie Mielie is the cheapest race around according to this article.
  7. Seems like this is the place to advertise: Accessories / Indoor Trainers and Accessories
  8. Thank you for the post, I thought it was just me that is struggling. Some of my friends are almost back to their normal pace and distance after COVID.
  9. I agree ScottC-M, I have learned so much about running on this thread. There are so many different "shapes and sizes" of runners (road and trail) with different views and levels of expertise on this thread. I do miss all the excitement and comments around races as well. I had Covid mid-June this year, took 3 months off after Covid (as told by my GP friend not to run) and since then I have been seriously struggling to get into my running routine. It still feels like an elephant is sitting on my chest when running. Not sure if I am just seriously unfit or if my recovery after Covid is just taking forever. I am taking it easy at the moment (running max 10km) but I do miss training for a specific event (I had serious FOMO about KH the past weekend). It sounds like Johnson Crane is happening end of Jan 22, I am aiming to get 21km fit. Let's hope and pray that 2022 will be a different running year for us all.
  10. I have a pair of On Clouds Cloudflow (bought them at the 94.7 expo in 2019 for R1700, retail now is around R3k). My 2c's: They are super light and comfortable (it feels like you are walking on clouds...????). I enjoy even wearing them as a casual shoe. I like their color range as well (Not sure if this is important to men ) My biggest complaint: They are much narrower than Asics (my Asics is a size 5 and On-Clouds a size 5.5....) They give me blisters (even on shorter runs). I guess you might have to go one size bigger with On Clouds than other brands. Also something that frustrates me terribly is that small stones get stuck in the cushioning quite easily.... My friend ran with her pair yesterday and we had to stop three times (on a 10k road run) for her to remove the stones I have no idea the mileage that you will get with them, I think I haven't done 300km yet.
  11. Awesome, thank you!! I didn't know it is open, and I seriously need some motivation to start training.
  12. It was awesome to watch, made me so emotional!! It is on my bucket list for next year.
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