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Lefty FOX TL Internal retaining rings needed


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While servicing my Lefty Carbon Fox Terralogic on Friday I discover one of the retaining rings locating the lower piston seal in the air chamber has broken. I need to replace it.


I have called around, including Cape Cycle Systems (who are currently out of stock of that part) and no one in cape town seems to know what it is...



So can someon in JHB who knows of a company or companies who specialises in engineering supplies please help out with contact details or perhaps the part.


The part is a Rotor Clip HOI-137 axially assembled internal retaining ring. I need 2 off but would prefer to get 10 to avoid future issues.

another company that makes this retaiing ring is Arcon and it designates the part as a N1308-137 Balanced Lug Internal (weird name but thats how it appears intheir catalogue.


If you not sure what it looks like then google "Rotor Clip HOI-137 internal retaining ring"




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Tim, I assume you tried a standard circlip and it doesn't work?


In the industrial area close to me there's a hydraulic supplies company run by a surley German. He's a door old bastard but at least he knows what he's doing and he stocks the most obscure stuff.


I'll go by there in the next day or two and ask for you. Would that part number be enough or can you add some detail by giving me the internal diameters of the groove?  I know it is difficult to measure.


If the sole reason for the internal lug is to give you clearance for a tool to aid removal, you may want to do what I did with a Campag freehub body. I drilled a hole radially to exit exactly inside the groove. Now I can remove the retaining ring by inserting a 1.5mm rod into the groove, which opens (closes actually) the lugless circlip so that I can remove it.






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Thanks Johan,

The internal diameter is 34.9mm or 1&3/8inch. Being an american components it's still in the old system.


Conventional circlips do not allow for enough clearance. attached is a pic.


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Tim, it turns out that these circlips are quite common. Their intended purpose is to clip over the outside of rods, even though your application they are meant as retainers on the inside of a tube.


I checked with the surly German and he has them. However, they are measured on the ID as for the groove they're supposed to fit in. So a 30mm in the "real" measurement is different from a 30mm in your measurement.


I suggest you measure the ID of the non-broken clip in your photo. That way I can at least stand at the shop with a vernier and in a roundabout way find out which one it should be. For instance, they are available in 28mm, 30mm, 32mm etc - perhaps even odd numbers.


I also checked and Bearingman also sells them. Phone them up and check it out. If you're still stuck, revert with an ID (of the clip) and I'll see what I can find.


The part numbers you quoted above on elicits some germanic muttering that doesn't sound like comprehension.


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Hmmmm, Ok these rings are certainly not intended for the outside diameter of a shaft although in a SA I'm sure a boer made a plan.


it's pretty hard to measure the  diameter of the outside of the clip because it's not round, But here goes the dimensions anyways: From the catalogue


Dh = clearance diameter compressed inside housing = 34.9mm

Dg = clearance diameter & gap width Released in Groove = 1.461 inches = 37.11mm

Df = Free diameter (virtual due to non roundness) = 1.486 inches = 37.74mm


to measure the diameter one has to draw a circle from the end of the lugs to meet the radius of the spring curve.


material depth at spring curve = Smax is not given (I measure 3.15mm)

Thickness = 0.05 inches.


Thanks for your assistance on this, muchos gracias.


Not a single Bearing man in Cape Town knows what this ring is used for. The circlips they provide are all conventional lugged for large clearances.




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OK, update.


I've had 3 teams working on this.


Cannondale USA and CCS


Rotor Clip in California


and JB.



Lets just say that these 3 teams have redefined service.


Rotor CLip are sending a parcel out with 10 samples.

At the same time Cannondale and CCS have managed to get me 4 off these clips in the air, tonight.


JB may have a local supplier for these clips and that will sort me out long term.


I have to say a moerse thank you to CCS (Terry and Nuor) who have sorted this super quick.

Casey and Derick at Cannondale in USA who identified the parts in their consumables inventory and made a plan to ship the stuff to me pronto.


Rotor Clip's DArya and Sara who worked a plan to get me samples since they only deal in orders of 1 box (around 500 units).


and it's only wednesday


then I have to say a big thanks to Johan Bornman. Dude you define service. We need more guys like JB and less CycleFlabs around. There's a lesson in customer service in here if someones willing to learn.


Even Lance at Epic Bike shop should get a thanks actually, cos he looked through his entire inventory for a retaining ring that would work.



5 Flaming chillies to CCS( Terry and Nuor), Cannondale USA (Derick and Casey), Rotorclip (Darya and Sara) and Johan Bornman and ze german.


JB, send your mailing details please,

I want to post a sample to you once I have my stock in hand. then perhaps the german can match them more accurately.


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Thanks for the kind words Tim. I'll have a chance again tomorrow to visit our chairman  friend and others. I'm sure Jhb must have such a ring somewhere.


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Thanks Johan, that will greatly appreciated since I'll probably go through around 4 rings per annum. I'll replace them with each air can seal change.

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