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Clip-on Tri bars

Guest Agteros

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Guest Agteros

The Momentum Teavigo Duathlon series rules state the following:

General Rules

? Draft legal race
? No Tri-Bars
? Chinelli Bars allowed

? Only leader of Bunch allowed on his/her Chinelli Bars.
? Rest of bunch may not use the Chinelli Bars.

4.1. NO HELMET, NO RIDE. Helmets must be produced for inspection at bike check in. Only approved hard shell helmets will be permitted.
4.2. THIS IS A DRAFT LEGAL RACE. All bar ends must be properly plugged.
4.3. HANDLEBARS. Only traditional drop handlebars are permitted. Clip-on's will be permitted provided they do not extend more that 15cm beyond the front wheel axle, and they are not longer than the brake levers' foremost line. Straight forward clip on's must be bridged and must not carry forward facing brake levers. No forward facing bar or gear shifters are allowed on the end of the clip-ons.



A few questions on these

Are Chinelli Bars normal drop handles, or what are they?


And then rule 4.3 ...

What are straight forward clip-ons, and how are these different from 'normal' clip-ons?


Are these forward facing?



and these not?




And what are  'bridged' clip-ons?

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Bridged clip on?s = Clip on?s with a piece that joins the 2 bars together in the front. Rules require them on forward facing bars. Most manufacturers supply them as an accessory.

Like this:

http://www.cinelli.it/prodotti/estensioni/prodotto/img_pollicino.jpg<?: prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


Cinneli Bars, are a short small clip on's that dont point forwards and dont extend very far, also with no arm pads like these:



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Guest Agteros

Thanks SwissVan. That explains a lot!

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