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  1. Simply WOW!! excluding a gravel fiets, that’s the one bike I would consider getting..... a hard tail, if it could be based on a frame like yours would be nice 🤙
  2. Gravel bikes IMO are just another marketing ploy by the bike manufacturers to create another cycling branch to boost their income. Good luck and enjoy them as long as it gets people out onto their bikes. We all get suckered into marketing ploys, cell phones, computers, cars etc etc… so why not buycycles 😁
  3. Yes and no, CSA could do something similar independently by sending young riders over to Europe to race at a lower level to gain experience and exposure. CSA would need to make use of their European contacts with other federations to find place for these riders to stay, train and race. My wife and I did something similar in that we provided free accommodation and meals for a young mtb rider for one summer to come and race all over Europe. This allowed them the chance to be exposed to a much higher level of competition at more affordable price tag, otherwise the costs become to much for the rider and their sponsors / Parents 😁
  4. Been saying the same thing for years, they should set up a base somewhere in Europe where all the youngsters with potential can go stay, live, train and race in the euro scene Of course this will cost real money, so easier said then done
  5. All this talk of the old hub How is Fabes doing, do you still keep in touch?
  6. Joined January 27 according to your profile What was your previous hub name(s)?
  7. Common practice by the bike shops here without asking, all the bikes i bought here have one.... I don't like it, but being the amicable type i just let it slide... I like Pappwatrap's idea above....think I'll send a few invoices just to see the reaction next time i walk into the shop 😁
  8. Not to mention that some members pay a fee, myself included....albeit i declined to renew it this year purely because this hub that i have been a member of since +/- 2005 is not the same place it used to be, but that's life... Its life Jim, but not as we know Its the hub Chrispy, but not as we know it
  9. Maybe the the offenders should be banned, instead of the thread?
  10. Do petrol bikes belong in this thread..... I full up once a week and stopped looking at the price /liter long ago, it’s like tax, my moet net *** en
  11. Let me quote this piece of real world wisdom to ensure it remains intact forever Well said BB
  12. I figured it out... Its to hide the shaving scars on their shins, tibia and fibula. Once they learn that girls dig scars, then they convert to shorter socks...just don't tell the girls you got the scar from shaving your legs while in the shower
  13. SwissVan

    Formula 1...

    I don’t like Hamilton, but he was a nose ahead of max and as a result max should have given way, that S bend is not made for 2 cars trying to overtake each other
  14. Exactly, Argus is just another 100 km race / funride Albeit it very well advertised and organized one Been cycling since 19voetsek and never bothered, the crowds put me off
  15. Most likely that’s why don’t see them
  16. Or carport roofs.......😇☺️☺️☺️
  17. The only time I wear long socks is in winter and when they can be hidden under my long pants / winter tights. Never been able to understand why cyclists like to wear long socks…..when it’s not cold, the same with long finger gloves 🥸 used to love the black Falke short cycling socks which had the world champion rings around the top socks, sadly you can’t get them anymore. I always stocked up on them from sportsman’s warehouse when in SA. Now I buy short black “De Feet” socks from a local LBS, black with the LBS name around the top in white.
  18. Tbh I did not know motorsport is banned… I don’t know of any official race tracks for cars., but I’ve seen various hill climb road races advertised, and then driving 90km a day I see plenty of aspiring racers…. Who think slip streaming is cool 😡 The king of all sports / motorsport is allowed, motocross and have seen various Mx tracks around and even been to watch a mx world championship race here.
  19. Epic costs, never ending question It’s what it is, people live in mansions, buy Lamborghinis, etc…. When they could live in a normal house and drive a normal car, why? because they can Did it once, paid for my mate and I But it’s not that big of an attraction to spend that kind of dosh on a regular basis as a private non business entry i only drive a Honda….
  20. In that case, you must be the pooh stirrer that people warned me about 😁
  21. Ja nee, not for the shakey handed pilots
  22. One for the road bike, one for the tri bike, one for the mtb and one for the Wiffs bike 🤙
  23. Haven’t tried one yet and I do the same as you.... BUT, I think this looks like one of those simple but brilliant “Why didn’t I think of that” ideas. i would say it applies the drop of lube much easier and quicker than doing it the way we normally do it as per your post. The only other way to do it quicker would be to spray the chain with lube.... which just results in a mess and wasting lube ill be looking for one of these online in Europe, hope they are available here
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