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Kids Helmet

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My son is 2 years and I'm looking for a helmet. For now he just uses his Y-Bike but I still want him to wear a helmet - never too young when it comes to safety.


On Sunday I was at various stores and all I could see was crap, more crap and most crappiest helmets. While they offer some protection, I'm hesitant to get one for my son. Money is tight but safety is a priority.


Anybody know how good the kids Bell range is? I see they are about R200 on CRC so that should make it R300 local.


Also, safety flags. I cannot find one not even on CRC!!! His Y-Bike is orange and I take him to his creche on it (I cycle next to him for 1km) and the flag just adds to his viability.


(I have to disappear off the grid till Thursday night and will also follow up prices with my LBS on Friday)


This is what the Y-bike looks like for those that don't know, awesome:



cbrunsdon2009-05-25 15:17:07

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