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  1. With the new Cape Town water restrictions about to kick in (hard), I've decided to try square foot gardening again this year and incorporate greywater. I'm moving my washing machine to be nearby to my gardening patch and will see what grows. These restrictions where rather unexpected else I would have bought a large JoJo tank earlier this year.
  2. My mom lives in the sticks in Oz and they have criminals coming in from the cities as its easy pickings. Not so long ago you left your keys in you car when you went to town just in case somebody needed to move it. Now the cops go around checking cars at night and fining owners who leave their keys in the ignition.
  3. I always complain to my wife that she should understand that no man is ever judgmental when a woman undresses in front of them ... we are just all too grateful
  4. I've enjoyed this (long) thread and unbeknown it actually planted a seed. A friend of mine is going back to NZ in a few years time and he mentioned how trivial it was to get in, well for our industry. Already started doing my homework. I've got an itch to live and work somewhere else for a couple of years. My first two options are no longer looking attractive (apparently being 40 in San Francisco makes you unemployable and thank you Brexit). So NZ is now my choice. Thinking of going over some time next year and check things out myself.
  5. (Sorry for the Necro but I've been off the Hub for quiet some time.) My answer is "No" ... but if they where still in the local market I would still recommend it to those who are looking at getting started. * Great value for money * HRM was the only thing to go and that was from me damaging it while changing the battery and damaging the little cover. * Worked every-time. * Showed me I don't need half the functions I thought I did. * My phone and google provides me with all the missing features. But now I'm going with the flow and will be upgrading to Garmin one day and will slap my Bryton onto my 9yr olds MTB.
  6. Congrats. Having struggled with my weight the last few years I know how tough it is. I'm now 84kg from 102kg two years (was 107kg 2yrs 2weeks ago before being rushed to hospital with a life threatening condition and lost 8kg in 2 weeks).
  7. Like many of my bike repair tools it will hardly get used but when I need it I'm going to be grateful I've got it.
  8. Description: Park Tool DERAILLEUR HANGER ALIGNMENT GAUGE (DAG-2.2) Price: R1'100 (the price of 5-8 new hangers). URL: http://www.parktool.com/product/derailleur-hanger-alignment-gauge-dag-2-2 Video: A couple of years ago I started a thread about hanger alignment tools and decided to eventually buy one over the weekend. Yes, they are pricey and many tool heads question the need but I decided to take the plunge after my son managed to mess up his hanger on the first day he had his new 20" MTB. Firstly its Park Tool so comes with +5 bragging rights. Second, its a Park Tool and well built. My grandchildren will be using this for their grandchildren. Its very easy to use and feels damn solid. Its a simple tool but its needs to be precise and thats what PT are good at achieving with their products. There are cheaper alternatives at half the price but they all come with the complaint of play on the tool, not exactly what you want. It took me 10 minutes to straighten the hanger, 8 minutes was me not reading instructions and trying to figure it on the fly. But I got the hanger straight and it was magic. Shifting is 100% perfect again. I had to set the derailleur as my local LBS did not check the hanger alignment. Was it worth the cash considering a new hanger is only R150-R200. Well I think so. I've already gone through a few on my MTB and now my son will be burning cash with his. Its also a tool that will last. Its very much like a good wheel truing stand (my next purchase), you can pay others to do it for you or you could buy your own and learn to master the art of bicycle repair. I still recommend supporting your LBS but if like me you need to also service your kids bikes, then this might be worth considering. http://www.parktool.com/assets/img/product/_productDetail/DAG-2.2_001.jpg
  9. This has been a very interesting thread. I hope to visit NZ in the next two years to see if it tickles my fancy. To be honest what makes me jealous is the freedom of movement without fear of being a victim of crime, even took up Brazilian Ji-Jutsu this year. For everything else, I still love my Africa.
  10. Some banks are moving away from debit cards and will only be offering cheque cards. The only time a cheque card will not work is if its either not got a Card Not Present limit set or if its a new batch of PASA bin numbers and has not yet been reported to the payment gateway.
  11. Years ago a buddy and I did that at the Waterfront. How we survived that night I still don't know as I've never seen people get so agro in a parking lot. Was lots of fun
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