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Be More Visible!!

Captain Slow

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It is with great sadness that we loose another precious life!!


Kim was killed on Sunday afternoon in PLZ and we need to take our own safety serious!!


  1. Always wear bright clothing.
  2. Always wear a safety vest (like the ones car guards use).
  3. Always use a front & rear flashing light ALL THE TIME even during daytime. What does it weigh & what does a set of batteries cost? compared to your life.

  4. It is not only about you and what your mates will think about you when you show up on a ride looking like a Christmas tree! Rather be an alive un-cool cyclist than a cool dead one!!
  5. Always ride in groups of 4 or more. There is safety in numbers!!
  6. Be alert and most importantly, don't react to agressive drivers even if they are at fault. Rather note their vehicles details and report the incident.
Again, use this advice, don't use it. The choice is yours!!


BE SAFE out there!!


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