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Lights and Petrol Price


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Two things this morning, the Petrol price and my New Lights. I noticed my Petrol light went on while driving to work, kicking myself cuz my GF told me to fill up yesterday because the Petrol is going up by 70cents. Confused


So still kicking myself I pulled into the petrol station. Never really bright when it comes to math?s so did a few sums and figures I was now going to pay nearly double the price...told you I suck at math. Turns out I?m already paying R5.70 but the new price is like R6.40, sjoe, that was a close call! Only about R15 more on a tank, chump change.ShockedTongue<?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


Then my New FireStrom NiteRiders lights came yesterday. I did not have time to set them up cuz I had to go train, but I just could not resist tearing open the package and plugging the light into the battery pack. Switched it on and waited...I was moerse disappointed, I turned the light towards my eyes and partially blinded myself for a few seconds, still not moerse impressed. So off I went training and thinking what a bloody rip off those light were, myyyyyfok!OuchAngry


Got back home, fiddled around with the lights again, still not impressed, this thing sucks!!!AngryCry Then I picked up the manual...Recharge the Battery before first use...ok, not thinking it?s going to make a moerse diffs I did, took like 2h00?s but I had some BeeBop Anime to watch so it was all good. Embarrassed


So GF zzzzzzzz'ing already and I seek out the bed room to go play with my new toy. By now it?s pitch black dark in my flat, so have ot switch some lights on. Plug the puppy in again, switching flat lights off and punch the power on button on my new toy....I looked around to *** my GF out for switching on the bladdy flat lights but there was no one there...DAMN, these things are bright!!!!!! Can?t wait to go play with them tonight!!!!!!!!!!! I?m going to blind a few motorists tonight for sure!!!ClapClapClap

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Bring your lights to play at Tokai tomorrow night. A bunch of us are going to ride there, then party* afterwards.


*Picnic 'coz we are 'toppies'.
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