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  1. also placed a order for one this morning
  2. I got the GT Grade Adventure bike, cool bike. Imported it from Wiggle I think.
  3. Is this race Gravel Bike friendly?
  4. yeah, I got about 2650m instead of the 1990m of climbing for the 100miler, but did not feel like that much climbing.
  5. awesome race but I think we should keep this one to ourselves!
  6. Who will do the timing for the event? Not sure what chip to bring
  7. I can't make out if the start and finish is close to each other?
  8. Marius

    Desert Dash 2017

    Can some confirm the R3000 included the plane ticket?
  9. think the new route will suit me better. Last year I got bumped off my bike by some pansie trying to overtake me on a piece of single track..
  10. Gaan lekker wees om jou weer raak te ry Grant en die weer lyk of dit gaan saam speel die keer so jy hoef nie te wag tot 8pm om jou eerste lap te doen nie
  11. I've used the same roof rack for about 6 years on my Kia Picanto and it never dented the roof like that. I did use some old tyre tube on the bottom clap to prevent those marks shown in you pic.
  12. If you guys are interested in branding your wooden creations with a logo, we manufacture branding dies. I've got some examples on your FB page: https://www.facebook.com/Bros-Engraving-cc-249590071725952/?ref=bookmarks
  13. I might have a entry as well if the weather predictions are right..
  14. I have to agree, it feels really light climbing for some reason, love the lockout.
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