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I see Landis is in..............


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..............hot water again.


Basically it has been ruled that all his other urine samples up to stage 17 be re-tested with urgency on Monday.


Landis tried to get them to test the samples at UCLA (the French hate us Americans you know)but their machine is broken Big%20smile - so he as was kicking up a fuss about the French Labs and so on..................when his laywer Catlin interupted and said this of the French lab...............


Catlin said "a Wada lab is a Wada lab."

"I know they're card-carrying, full-fledged members of the (World Anti-Doping Agency) system," he said. "Wada holds everyone to standards. They do that with an iron club."

I guess even he is tired of the "poor American" been singled out and bashed the French lab issues.!!

So, it seems there is more coming up with Landis as well.

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this is getting so boring... these doping scandals being drwan out and out... please just catch the juicies and lets move along

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