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  1. Also using the Aeropex and been very happy with them so far.
  2. Couple items on sale at Cycle Lab too - you will also receive free bottle with the purchase of a tub in store.
  3. If you're needing a means by which to mount your phone, we have a full range of SP Connect phone mounts for the iPhone range
  4. Thanks Savages! Watch this space, some more news to come.
  5. Thank you BikeisLife LLTHB - you can also find out list of retailers here: https://www.cadencenutrition.com/pages/retailers-new
  6. Some insurance companies are now specifying that you need to have a cable lock of a certain thickness, often 12mm or more. I've cut 10mm cable coil locks where keys were lost with cable cutters like scissors go through paper. We have also had clients who had Imbi Bike Savers on their bike racks, the thieves cut the cable locks and attempted to steal the bikes but couldn't figure out what was holding them together(the Imbi's) and after being disturbed, eventually ran and left the bikes.
  7. Hi LLTHB Drop us a mail on info@cadencenutrition.com and let us know what type of riding you're doing, what your goal events are and current nutrition. We're happy to offer some guidance to help you.
  8. I think this is the spot Murray is referring to: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Satmap+Surveys/@-34.0028751,18.471887,18z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x1dcc42e2ef151553:0xca9275b508004ad1!8m2!3d-34.0028751!4d18.4729813?hl=en-ZA
  9. Sorry to hear that, we used to live in the complex on the left hand side at the top end of Belper road, know where you are talking about.
  10. Drop us a mail as we can help on the DEED: info@bikalot.com
  11. We were going to suggest a set of Imbi Bike Savers but you beat us to it MphatiPyga! 3 bikes on a 3 bike platform rack is tricky, but it is possible, sometimes. What we recommend, if you are usually transporting the same bikes, when you figure out the load combination that works best, take a pic of it and save it to your favourites for future reference.
  12. Also had an Okuma back in the 90's, but at @Mohs it also had bull horn bars it was a chrome silver colour which would actually be quite cool again.
  13. Bikalot

    Dynaplug Air

    Apologies for delayed response, have just seen this now. It's not listed on their site as an individual item but I do believe that we can order it.
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