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  1. Important consideration when using a gel type product/something with very high carb content is that often your gut needs to be trained in order to be able to handle the high amount of carbs because if you're not 'used to it', it can also cause GI distress. One blog talking to this on the Cadence site if of interest: https://www.cadencenutrition.com/blogs/news/training-your-gut-what-should-i-eat-on-race-day
  2. Be mindful of fibre content if using these for racing/high intensity efforts
  3. Hi @KNmtb If you're having trouble cleaning your helmet, we do have a new product on the market which is intended primarily for kit. It is an Enzyme Based wash, which is particularly effective in breaking down bacteria. It is also pH neutral so shouldn't irritate your skin, nor damage the helmet in any way. If you don't come right with some form of skin treatment, it could be worth having a look at: https://assmagic.co.za/products/ass-magic-kit-wash-1l
  4. Couple of posts on the Cadence site which may be of interest: https://www.cadencenutrition.com/blogs/news *disclaimer we distribute the brand Keep it simple, the right carbs are your friend and you need to train your gut to be able to tolerate higher amounts of carb.
  5. Last day for 20% off Pit Viper: https://za.pitviper.com/ sneak in while you still can!
  6. Couple posts/questions on Speen salf/milking cream and baby bum cream. Definitely some pro's and cons to the each of them. When we developed ASS MAGIC, we used what we thought were the best elements of each product and combined them into ours along with a couple of other key ingredients. Speen salf/milking cream - typically this would use Lanolin which is the oil/wax that is derived from sheep's wool. It has fantastic anti chafe properties and if used at the right concentration, will last long enough, but still be able to wash easily out of your chamois at less than 40 degrees centigrade - typically you don't want to wash technical apparel at too high temperature Baby bum cream - such as a Bennets for example has Zinc Oxide in it, this is what gives it the white colour and almost 'pastey' texture. This can help form a protective film over the skin whilst still allowing the skin to 'breath' and also has good healing properties.
  7. Hi Cadenceblur, we have recently developed a Skin Repair cream, it is a cream like consistency rather than a gel and can be used on any chafed or irratated skin, sun burn, blisters - preferably not on open wounds, let them close first and then can be applied. More info here: https://assmagic.co.za/products/ass-magic-skin-repair-cream
  8. Thanks for the feedback - a tube is on our radar for the future. We do also have the Travel Packs which come with 10 snap sachets
  9. vaseline would have good anti chafe properties, longer term use may not be good for your chamois.
  10. The scent/smell is from the Tea Tree oil which has great anti bacterial properties, noted on your preference, it is however something that we generally receive good feedback on. Perhaps we can look at another version of this in the future.
  11. Hello hub land - the ASS MAGICIANS are here, feels like we're a little late to this party but would love to engage with some of the posts/comments/feedback
  12. Thanks Ouzo and Jehesofat. So the Sudocream is quite good in terms of a repair cream, it has Zinc Oxide in it which has some great healing properties, we do actually use it in the Chamois Cream. Our Skin Repair Cream is intended to work as a humectant cream, ie it draws in and retains moisture to the skin, this creates an environment whereby skin renewal/repair is accelerated. Some of the key ingredients in this product include Panthenol(Vit B5), Colloidal Oat and Glycerine.
  13. Hi MarkAnthony. Thanks for your question. The Chamois Cream, is a cream based anti chafe product, if you're a cyclist then this would be the one I recommend for you. You would apply to your ASS before you ride in any area in which you might encounter chafe. You can apply apply to the chamois of your shorts if you prefer to not apply to the skin directly. The Anti Chafe Balm is as the name suggest, a balm, so much thicker viscosity and the application here is more geared towards runners and triathletes. We do have a dealer list on our website so that should be able to help you find your nearest retailer, if not, let me know which area you are based in.
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