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Shimano Ultegra 6600


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I recently replaced my trusty 9spd 105 groupset with a new 2007 10spd Ultegra one. I must say just from looking at it, it looks superior.


I've been using it now for a month and like it more and more. The first thing that I realised is that the hoods and levers are narrower then the 105s. The shift is shorter so it feels faster. They must have changed the ramps on the cassette and chainrings because the chain climbs really fast.


The thing that I like the most is that I have my 16t back. I lost it on the 9spd when I changed from 12-23 to 12-25. I'm already finding that I spend alot of time on the 16t.


The one thing that I don't like is that I drop by chain on the front quite often. I do have all the limiters on the right spots and cables adjusters so that the chain is just not rubbing but it still drops more then I would want to and without warning. I think this might be that my frame came out before there was talks about Shimano 10spd. I will fir a Deda Dogfang to illiminate the problem.


I also fitted a cordless Flightdeck computer. It frees up quite a bit of handle space by putting the head unit ahead of the stem. I don't know how this will affect removing the bars though. The nice thing about the new computer above the previous model is that your cadence display does not get interupted when changing gears. In all the other displays it displays the new gear numbers for a few seconds before showing the original display. One thing I do not like is that you have to "activate" it when you start riding. If you don't you only have a blank screen with the time on. I guess they did it this way to safe battery life. Other wise I will never part with a Flightdeck.


Otherwise, the groupset get 4 dancing bananas out of 5.



Okay, I'm adding another banana 20070508_030951_dancingbanana.gif. I fitted a Dog fang and the dropped chain is a thing of the past. Maybe Shimmano should include it in their groupset for just incase.

Mampara2007-05-17 01:56:50
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