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  1. Any reccomendations for good speciality coffees? We have so many coffee roasters in SA, but very few that roasts proper speciality coffees. I got stuck on Father and Bluebird for a while and would like to give something else a try.
  2. The heat up time was the main reason I got the Lelit. You go from switch on to brew temp in 3 minutes, including heating the group head and portafilter. Then its also got a PID, and its an absolute game changer. No temperature surfing needed, and you can play around with lighter roast beans. The pressure guage also allows you to do a brute force pre infusion. The only downside compared to the Rancilio is that its 57mm and the Silvia has a bigger steam boiler. That said, I managed to find all the accessories for the Lelit, and you can get cafe quality steam milked with some adjustment on the PID.
  3. I have absolutely no idea what email I used 16 years ago.
  4. Im more concerned about the whiskey for breakfast.
  5. Nothing beats Acme, great cups. I also order online from Truth.
  6. I recently got the DF64, its a game changer. I thought my coffee was good, untill I got proper grinders. Your grinder is the most important.
  7. I really like Father coffee, probably the best speciality coffee locally.
  8. My coffee is currently about 50/50 milk based and pour over. But you can get so much more out of a proper pour over, especially with good speciality coffee. Now thats another wormhole. Personally I wont go with the Chemex, especially if you only make one cup. I really like the coffee I get from a Kalita, but will play around with recipes on the V60 as well. And get a proper grinder, especially if you are going to spend more on speciality coffees.
  9. Not sure if this was discussed before on the thread. But is there anyone here that suffered from long term effects after having Covid? I was asymptomatic positive about 5 months ago, and since then I cant get back into regular training. Went from 60km weeks to being out of breath after 2km. I definitely lost some fitness for not running for about 4 weeks, but getting back to fitness was never this hard. Every now and then I can do higher mileage runs, but at much higher perceived effort.
  10. I've always preferred espresso based drinks over filter coffee. Decided to give the V60 a go and it opened up a whole new world. Probably the best way to enjoy lighter roast speciality coffees.
  11. I’ve got a nice starter setup if anyone might be interested. Upgraded with the non pressurised portafilter, so its capable of great espresso shots.
  12. One of the last OG hubbers. You made an invaluable contribution the last 15 years. Rest easy Francois.
  13. On Friday I had the opportunity to taste the coffee served by Stevo Kuhn at the world barista champs. Prepared exactly like he did during his set. This just changed my whole perspective of how proper coffee should taste.
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