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When to service wheels?


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Hello all,


I'm running a pair of Cane Creek Zonos SS v-brake only wheels... had them for about 2 years now... I'm not a competitive rider or the like - so apart from the occasional race, I'm happy riding up and down the mountain out back, and seldom ride in the rain/mud... Nothing too extreme, and whilst I'm a heavy rider - I'm careful with where I aim the bike...


Question being - I've had zero problems so far, and from what I can tell, the wheels are still true - so, when should I consider opening the cones up for a service?


I know it'll depend on hours ridden/conditions etc etc - probably the same as with answering a question as to when a fork should be serviced -  but I still get the sense that it's easier working out when a fork needs help, than working that out with the wheels...


On the fork - I'm constantly checking for too much grease/oil along the stanchions etc - too much oily dirt at the wipers - slow responses to the trial etc - but what would the tell tale signs be wrt wheels?


Any suggestions - or is it a case of not fixing something if it ain't broke?



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IIRC those wheels have cartridge bearings and by definition they're not serviceable. Hold the wheel by the skewer with your strong hand, with your thumb on the axle. Now spin the wheel. If the bearings give you no tactile feedback and make no noise, they're still OK. If they rumble and bind, replace them, if they just start to rumble, you have a few more miles before surgery.


If you have to, compare the smoothness of the bearings against that of a new wheel of good quality. You should perform this test during each major bike clean.




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