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Disk Brake Mounts


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Hi all,




What is the difference between a caliper mount for the front and back? Are they interchangable? I have Juicy 3's and on each of the caliper mounts, it's marked front and rear. I am planning a disk upgrade, and I wondered if there was a significant difference between the two. (I can't just compare them side to side, as I have 185 mm F and 160mm R)




Thanks for your help.

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Lets say you have IS mounts on the fork which you have on the frame aswell. Then you can swop IF you want to change disc sizes. By putting the front one on the back, you drop 20mm in disc size. I'm using a 160 IS front adapter on the back rear so that I can run a 140 disc.




If you have POST mount on the front then not at all. The 183 mount on the front is more a spacer then an adapter. Without a spacer you can only fit a 160 disc on the front.

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Thanks for the reply.


I have IS mounts on my shock. If I understand you correctly, a 185 front adapter is the same as a 160 rear adapter?


The reason for my question is I have found a 203 mm front disk and adapter, and I want to put that on the rear of my bike, and I wondered if there would be any difficulty? From what you have said, it doesn't sound like that's possible.

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