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Lower Back Pain


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I also suffer from lower back pain due to weal core + short hamstring.


I tried the 'spider tech' lower back spider tape, stays on for up to 5 days. I kept it on for 4 das after the race over ou kaapse last sunday.


Normally I would have that nagging low intensity back pain for the week after a long ride, I had none of it.


I dont really believe in this kind of thing, but now i'm sold.


I suggest you try it, with core + hamsting stretches.


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No doubt core strength and stretching is important, but so is bike set up. I suffered hugely on longer races - I recall stopping repeatedly in agony on the Knysna 85km MTB several years back. I adjusted my bike set up to provide a more stretched position - by lowering my stem which seems strange. However, it worked and I did all the training and a sani2C without any problems. Perhaps get a professional bike set up or start experimenting yourself...

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