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Westcoast Express "After Party"


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I suppose that is the right term to use for a ride after a ride! LOL


I am going to be doing some DC training after the westcoast express.

Maybe out to chappies?



I am open to anyone joining and suggestions.


Please only come along though if you are capable of riding 160+ in a day.


I dont really feel like pushing anyone home.


We will stop for snacks etc along the way. Maybe even lunch somewhere?


What do you guys think?


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I am having the same type of idea!




Might even do the route twice, i need to end up in Durbvanville when done.




Are we still meeting tomorrow?

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I was considering doing the route twice or heading out over the hills.

But I thought it is so much nicer going out along the coast though.

& I havent been on that side of the mountain since the argus I think.


The other thing is also, the WCE is pretty flat so I will need to do a big hill or two with the distance to know that I am telling my body what is going to be happening on race day.


Come on guys, its going to be nice.


The pace wont be too fast.




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Anybody else keen?


We are heading out camps bay way, we will see how the day goes for the mileage.

I have a feeling that we may cut it a little shorter because some people are going to be leaving their cars in the area.




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