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Please help "new mtb"


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Hi all im just starting off , i have R5k to buy a bike.


Im 1.85m tall and live in Cape Town dont know much about bikes , size etc.


I need help on choosing a bike , i see now that R5k for a bike is not much but it is all i can afford.


Does anybody know of any good deals out there , i have seen a few posted here on the hub but they are all gone now.


will appriciate any advice.


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Hey, nothing wrong with a R5k bike. As some oke who won a couple of TdF's said "it ain't about the bike".


In terms of frame size, you would be looking for a Large.


You need to take into account that you'll need a helmet, probably a saddlebag that would contain a multitool etc, possibly a couple of spare tubes and a pump. So if you budget excludes these items, all well and good. If not, then you'll need to revise the purchase price of the bike downwards slightly.


Don't worry about proper MTB shoes and cleats until you are 100% happy that MTBing is what you want to do.


You have the choice of a new bike from an lbs that is probably overpriced and with not so great components or there are some reasonable bargains to be had here but buying second-hand can always be a tad risky.


Good Luck !




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Dont be shy to buy second hand! Save at least 50% on a good brand/model. Just educate your self about whats what in terms of frames, shox, groupsets etc etc. ?Cape Ads, Bid or Buy etc and even if you have some doubts I am sure you wont have a problem getting opinions here. ?

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push for good deals on 2009 bikes. many peeps are trying to clear their floor stock. good luck in the hunt, and welcome to the sport.

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Great reply Thug.

I rent out bikes for cycling safaris and I am very impressed with Silverback as a cheaper, "local" mountain bike.

Don't forget to buy a cheap pair of USN gloves, they do the trick nicely.


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