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Buying a 2nd (new??) bike


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On buying a new bike I reason like this and for your expert opinion(s) I publish it here to pick your brains and gather some insight.

-  I currently have a R3500 worth bike. This gives me less than 10kg with Shimano Sora components.


-  Next stop would be about R10k and this give me about 8.5kg with 105 components.


-  R14k gives you second hand Ultegra/rival components with 7kg


-  Then after this would be R18k with Ultegra/Rival components and about 7.5kg


The two questions arising  from this is the following.


1) It's not worth the effort buying R10k since  the 2kg saving isn't enough



2) It's not worth it buying the R14k since

i)I can't detect any possible cracks in carbon myself and

ii) saving the R4k ontop of that to go for R18k gets you a new bike and components with warranty?


Suggestions and comments please, hope this is clear enough.


Persistence2009-11-03 04:18:26
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make it easy on yourself....blow your R18k budget with another R3k....and get urself something you thought you would never own....

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Try and find a 2nd hand version of the R18k bike. As a rule-of-thumb, second hand bikes should generally be around half the price of the equivalent new bike.


If you're worried about potential damage, find a bike shop who'd be willing to check it for you.


Alternatively, you could look at getting a new frame and secondhand components.


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