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Few questions


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Hi guys


Please help me with a few things I am still in the dark about....


Whats a good weight for a mountainbike, not just the frame, a ready to go bike.


How often should you clean and wax your chain, and with what?


Tubeless tyres - how do you fix the punctures?


Thank yous


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My 2c

1. Anything below 10kg for a hardtail

2. I clean and lube my chain about 2x per month on the rd and mtb. Use a chaincleaner with prepsol to clean.

3. U buy a tubeless repair kit. Think it about R110. It looks like the gators they put in your car tyres
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OOOh now I made a mess of the tubeless tyres. I got a puncture, and I have those racing bike valves. So I poured the new slime just in at the side of the wheels. But now it doesnt want to inflate again??? What am I doing wrong?

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