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  1. So what is considered a good time for the Cycle Tour these days? I did it in 2008 last and the distance seem to be exactly the same (109km) but not sure about the route. Back then a sub 3 was considered ok. Still the same These days?
  2. Apparently Lance still still has sleepless nights about them taking away his top 10 finish in the Argus.......
  3. That's like a 20 person entourage...............Team must have deep pockets
  4. So is Sagan taking Specialized with him to Total Direct Energy?
  5. In my opinion Pog is on a whole nother level to his main rivals here. My money is on him taking 1 or 2 stages and increasing his lead before they stroll into France. The kid is in silly form
  6. Yip! Normally we see him at the back of the pelaton if we see him at all
  7. Looks like Sagan will be signing with Total Direct energy. Wonder if specialized would then be the new bike sponsor for them. I guess the brand has some money vested in him with the Sagan range they have. Apparently Quickstep told him to rather sign somewhere else (actually think he approached them) because he comes with an entourage of about 20. Even has a social manager???? The guy is like a rapper.....
  8. Almost fell off my chair. He needs to be careful. He is in danger of actually doing something
  9. Saw this on "The Move Padcast" Very sportsmen like from the D*ck
  10. Must be a very small estate. There are flats in Paris and Milan with higher price tags
  11. Jeez! Good on him. Last time he got top 10 he vanished.......well basically till now. Is he their "Main Cheese"?
  12. Is our Louis MainCheese still in the tour?
  13. Don't get me wrong! I don't imply doping (i actually could not care less, i just want to see a good race). Technological advances in all facets must play a big role.
  14. I must say it is rather ironic that doping has supposedly been brought under control but race speeds continue to rise and riders seem to hold top form now for most of the season (some anyway). Genetics must be evolving faster than PED...
  15. Can't remember when last i saw a Giant Anthem out on the trails. Basically have only seen the Imbuku team riding one. My 1st dual was a Anthem and i really enjoyed it
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