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Advice on MTB Selection - Cube Ltd


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Hi Hubbers,

Looking for some advice in possibly purchasing a new MTB - CUBE LTD - picture below (making the switch from Road to MTB).


Pricing in the region of R12k for brand new bike.

Is this a good deal?

Are there any drawbacks to the bike and components?




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For a LTD Team it is very low specced. EA 30 is bottom of the range. Just a Recon fork? Team should be Sid or at least Reba Team. Hubs is only Deore. I think you can do better. This bike sbould be about 8k max. I must say it's a good weight for the price and specs (if it can be true)

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IdeJongh : Local supplier in JHB - previous colleague now importing. PM me if you would like his contact details.


Mampara: Thanks for the feedback and advice. I am currently also considering a 2nd bike.... pics below...

Which would be a better choice??....Silverback or Cube?.... Keeping in mind that both are in my price bracket.




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Martin, I don't see a price for that Silverback. Except for the fork and frame, all the major parts are top of the range. The wheels are 100% tubeless on excellent hubs. Excellent brakes and gearing. New this thing should sell for close to 20k if not more.

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