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  1. This works do this first
  2. Sharp chest pains definite reason to stop and get checked out glad you had the sense to make the right decision
  3. Well done to KZN they really dominated the event Well done to everyone who took on that sea swim looked pretty rough
  4. Should be a great event driving down tomorrow making it into a short holiday
  5. I cant believe they smash that stage in 3-37 crazy
  6. This Ozzy pressing sounds very good takes you straight back to the 80's
  7. Cant go wrong with Rega I have the P3 and it sounds really good had the intention of upgrading it with a TT psu and more expensive cart etc but its just so good out the box I have kept it standard.
  8. Just missing Birdy to complete my early Gabriel collection
  9. very nice how do you find the P2 with the carbon cartridge pretty good bang for your buck sound quality wise
  10. crasher


    I must admit Audax did wonders for my mental approach and really helped my racing. When you get your head around it makes the ave 100km race seem like a sprint. Pre Audax I always used to think how do I survive with still 50kms to go after Audax it gets you thinking only 50kms to go better start upping the pace running out of time. Nothing like being out past Villiers turning into the wind and knowing its 125 kms back into the wind to the finish when you already done 175 good for the mental approach. Not to mention the Audax riders are a great bunch of people
  11. Pictures of You probably still my all time favourite Cure track
  12. Some must have Vinyl albums Part 1 Pink Floyd The Box 1975-1988 Jim Morrison American Prayer The Who Quadrophenia Peter Gabriel So David and David Boomtown Amy Winehouse Back to Black Peter Gabriel Melt Till Tuesday Everything is different now Genesis Foxtrot Genesis Nursery Crime Suzanne Vega self titled Suzanne Vega Solitude Standing The Cure Greatest hits 2001 ( sadly I don't have this at the moment) Marillion Fugazi Dire Straits Brothers in Arms The specials self titled
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