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New to the sport


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Hi All


I am new to the world of mountain biking and have so many questions. I firstly need to replace my old Avalanche with something with some suspension - whats good for a total beginner like me.


I don't want to get into the sport seriously but just enjoy the pleasures of what the sport has to offer.


Secondly do I need to join a club? I don't really know too many people the cycle but I would like some kind of confirmed thing that happens every weekend instead of having to always try and rope in some people together.


I live in the North of Jhb...


Any help will be greatly appreciated!


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Firstly, welcome.


2nd, stick it out with your Avalanche hardtail for a while before you upgrade. Even a few weeks in the saddle on trails and on the hub will help you decided on what to go for.


But enjoy!!!


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If you're into social riding and having fun, check out trailriding.co.za. I ride with them and it's always a hoot!




As for the new bike, it really just depends on your budget, and what type of riding you want to do. I'm a believer in starting on a hardtail to build skill.







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Trailriders sounds excellent and just what I am looking for!!


My budget is not much at the moment. I would rather look for a better 2nd hand bike than a new one for the same price that's of less quality.


I struggle with my wrists and hands so I am worried about the heavy jolting on my arms.


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