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any advice?


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Hi I have been given the bike in the photo attached. It is a giant TCR zero with 8 speed RSX components. I would like to upgrade them but the prices I have been quoted are out of my league and it would be cheaper to buy a new bike20091124_104249_bike.jpg - any suggestions.  If I have to look for a new one what size should I look at - I am 1.84m.

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garth, keep the bike, But be smart in what you buy.


I am sure a bike shop will try and get you to buy components that match a TCR zero status bike. If you upgrade with entry level second hand components I am sure you could spoec this bike up very nice.


I mean there is a bloke on here with a campy chorus alu crank with BB for R600 I think. You could easily get a chorus 10 speed cassette in the right price range. Heck veloce should also be ok.


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aaahhh, welcome to the sport. Take note, make good good friends with your bank manager. (S)he will become your best friend very soon.


Firstly, whats wrong with the bike as it is ? Can you ride it ok ?




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At 1.84 you would be looking for a large frame. It is a bit generic as large means different things to different manufacturers.




Best thing to do when hunting for a new bike is to go to your Local Bike Shop (LBS) and get measured. They will then steer you in the right direction as to how many a centimeter frame you should purchase. It is very important to ride the right size bike, probably the next most important thing to wearing a helmet.




However having said all of this of you are new to the sport first ride the bike you have and see if you enjoy it before spending thousands of rands.




Where are you based? Maybe hook up with a few hubbers over the weekend for a ride and some tips. Makes the whole painful experience a little more enjoyable.

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