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What are the ideal gear ratios for a tandem


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Hi All,


I've been contemplating changing my flywheel on my tandem from a 53 to a 55 as I find we spin out at 65 km/h on a slight decline. Would this change make a significant difference? We're a male tandem team.


What else can I do to make my tandem a bit faster? I currently have a standard Titan tandem.


Any feedback will be appreciated.




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55 chainring in front will do..... any larger an you may start having shifting problems. Also an 11 on the rear cassette.

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Tandem? All you need is a 30/60 and an 11/21... a 4 speed will do...


Teeee heee jy is (al)weer 'n ou snaaksie vandag!!!!!!!!!
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We run a triple with 55/11 and have no problems with that. We

found the standard 53 was not enough...


As for another suggestion on going faster - how about training? Wink


jmaccelari2009-11-25 05:15:27

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We've been training and therefore the 53 is no longer enough LOL. Did it a make a big difference changing from 53 to 55?

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