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Killarney - 25 Nov


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Busy with the upload right now. Here's a teaser...




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oi u lucky fish!! i'm suffering from withdrawal symptoms from killarney!!!

Where are you hiding?!


...too boring for words to even try and explain! suffice to say 'over committed timewise' Wink
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Ronelle, there seems to be new faces every week.... but sadly not all return, so thus numbers never really grow..... hopefully next year will boom again.  Always gets quiet towards end of season.

To the 'new' Belguim rider..... hope you enjoyed your ride, seen the photo's, and will be back next week.


Thanks again Nic.
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Stunning. Have not seen them all' date=' but look great. thanks[/quote']


Always a pleasure. See you next week!


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Hehe , that was me :)




Actually I heard Flandria is also a bikeshop in Stellenbosch, but my shirt is the retro flandria team shirt from the 60s & 70s ;)




Great flandriens such as Van Looy, Godefroot, Monser?, Maertens, ... were once member of that team.












http://www.bikepics.be/Flandria/Flandria-index.jpg-Stefan-2009-11-26 14:47:47

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