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  1. It is 25mm * 2mm as per my comments here: https://community.bikehub.co.za/topic/143996-stans-33-hub-endcap/?p=2446267
  2. Had a blast! I expect & accept that it would be very difficult to get an entry in the future. The views was pretty decent
  3. So. Only open from 07:00 to 19:00. No tags. Surely they can't lock the public out and create a private concervancy to roam in during sunrise and sunset for the people living inside the fence. It cant be legal to treat the same taxpayers differently?
  4. Ok. You made me get up in install them. The 24 * 2.5mm is to thick. It is 25*2mm. Still loose and need to be very carefull when pressing it in. I bought 10 spare. Very cheap. ..
  5. Mine was used while splitted for 3-4 dry rides. No problems...
  6. If really urgent: I used a thicker one from the coop temporary. It fid not go in, but cut the outer slice of by sliding a boxcutter around the aluminum
  7. I asked stans. It is 2mm*25mm and got today from Bearing Man. Stil a bit loose so I bought 24*2.5 as well to play with. Pity you are in Gauteng. I got loads spare now...
  8. O yes - and i love the missus even more
  9. Starting tonight at the cocktail function Sunday I will be the bike with one black and one white rim. Any comments about red cars with a replacement green door is not welcome I will stick to the out of stock story...
  10. I agree on the mysticism, big words etc - but its easy to filter such white noise out without getting agitated. Only keep what is useful to you. Hugh explanations has its place though .... Momentum, like chains is also simple and all that you need to know to survive is that trains is not afraid of cars and cars is not afraid of bicycles. - still there is loads of info/maths available on it that is interesting for some people to read/understand, (Even though it change nothing on how they use it in everyday life. It is also fair game to poke fun with them.) So it's your opinion that JB is not qualified to speak about something as simple as a chain Couldn't said it better myself
  11. And you are 100% right on the evaluation of JB's online personality. (I only found the Morewood/Momsen foot in mouth comment(s) from him when searching him before posting the book - found it rude & the 'sorry' a bit...short.) But if you not intending to read any book of JB, don't like snide remarks & like engaging to learn more - then surely there is not a lot happening for you in this thread?
  12. a) That comeback for example was moer funny without getting the author involved. (It made me chuckle anyway...) b) SwissVan reasoning. Look,JB's online personality pissed me off sometimes and contribute very valuable advice (to me) other times. I spend 2 days with him 6 years ago and his offline personalty was great. I will repeat the experience any day. But for discussion the book - is not important if you like or dislike the author's personality. Play the ball and not the man.
  13. A very light-hearted: 'Indeed' Please close the fecking thread though, the negative overshadow the positive here
  14. Anyone keen to take a spin around Dublin tonight? We can go past the Blue Light & Johnny Fox - last guy buy the pints...
  15. http://www.amazon.com/Everything-need-about-Bicycle-Chains-ebook/dp/B00O46YUW0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1412684494&sr=8-1&keywords=Johan+Bornman
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