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Competitive Cyclist Fit Types


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Was wondering what the informed opinion is about this:



I did the measurements last night and was quite interested to see the different dimensions that the 3 types of fit came up with. I definately prefer the "Eddy Merckx" fit but was interested to note the stem length etc which was much like I had on my Colnago. Most hubbers stated that my stem was hopelessley too long on that bike. Is it possible that we are programmed by adverts and pro racing that most of us set up bikes to be super competitive/extreme and aero styles that can be uncomfortable after 60km.

Maybe if our LBS's adopted this attitude instead of one type of fit, we would have more people riding road bikes on the road (and MTB off road) as they are not as uncomfortable as they initially thought. 


Any views?


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YIP, the biggest thing where people goe wrong is to get the bike set up like the pro's. Remember that when the pro's race everything is for speed and airodinamics. The comfy part comes in way last if any.

Many years ago one of the top guys in the TDF had to pull out due to saddle sores, so beleive me his saddle was not very comfy.

When you do your bike setup, you must keep setain things in mind when doing so, eg. setup your saddle so that your ball of your foot and your knee lines up when your pedal is at 3 o clock.

Remember this, set your bike up so that when you go on long rides, your back and knees do't get sore. If you are comfortable when you go ride you'll most likely enjoy it more.

Don't do setups that the pro's has, it's for the pro's, tick to what is comfy for you, every person is an individual.
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Thx OcTaLL, but if you read their 3 different styles they change even the knee to ball of foot position. The frame size, stem lengths etc change as well.

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