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1.5" Steerer Tubes?


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Ok, so this may be a noob/stupid question,


But is it possible to fit a fork with a 1.5" steerer tube in most MTB frames, and it's just the headset that differs from those used for 1 1/8" steerers...


...or are there only certain frames that can take fork a 1.5" steerer tube?
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There are only certain frames that can take 1,5in steerers, then you get the new E2 forks with a 1,5in base and a 1 1/8in top also dependant on the frame...


You can fit a 1 1/8in fork to a 1,5in frame by changing the headset as well as the E2 system, however you can't do it the other way round...
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...Darn! I was kinda hoping that most frames that took 1 1/8" forks, could also take 1.5" ones, and that it was just a specific headset that needed to be used... But it seems it isn't so. Oh well.

Thanks for answering Techguy
patches2010-01-04 06:57:54
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