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Importing cycling gear


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I have been looking around for a number of things for my bike. I looked locally and found that it is much cheaper to get the stuff from chain reaction cycles in the Uk. Even after shipping is added and up to about 20% import duties.


I was wondering if anyone knows what the import duties are for cycling equipment, clothing and protective gear like knee and elbow pads.






Melch2010-01-16 03:33:15

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Melch, forum search Chain Reaction Cycles. This has been bought up many times and you'll find tons of info here.

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Thanks for the advice. There is a lot of stuff mentioned on the sight so I thought I would summarize hear quickly.


In terms of additional costs you pay

Add 14% VAT

Add R25 delivery charge if you want it to your doorstep

Customs add:

bike parts - duty free

complete bikes - 15%

clothing - 40%

shoes - 30%

helmets - 30%


Vat calculated as follows:


(Price + 10% + duty) x 14% ---> so if it costs R100 and is duty free you pay R15.40 in VAT


Generally the service is very reliable and ppl dont have any problems.


Veloce  said

"I have had endless problems with CRC!!! Every single time I place an order, 7 days later the stuff arrives and the missus goes nuts. Every flippen time!! Bad, bad place that Chain Reaction Cycles...."


One user requested crc markes his box as cycling spares even though it included some shoes and he was not charged import for them.


As all I wanted to import was clothing I will not be doing so as the 40% import on cloths makes it  unfeasible but next time I need parts I will use them.



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