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  1. For me its more a fun and time factor, i can get home late from work jump on my bike and go for a lekka 90 min shred on the mountain, and still be home to help with dinner and the kids. I can also go for a much longer ride on the weekends and do more fun riding and not be so stuffed afterwards. I also think there is a massive misconception that you cant ride hard or get fit on an Ebike, that's absolute nonsense. In actual fact, if you ride it correctly you can do more targeted training and ride at you desired avg/pk hear rates.
  2. ....on a couch?
  3. Helderberg Cycles, Somerset West
  4. EMTB's are here and here to stay, so lets see them all. My new toy, 2020 Specialized Levo Comp.
  5. Have used Jeroen a couple of times, very good but just a bit pricey.
  6. Hi guys, Been searching the forum for some direction, but cant really find any info. Looking for a good bike fit, have an easy medial knee problem to sort out but need a professionals help. Recommendations please - i'm based in Cape Town CBD? Thanks,
  7. Chubba

    New Tires

    So the guys made a bloops and put a Purgatory on the rear instead of the slaughter...what you recon?
  8. Chubba

    New Tires

    Thanks Mayhem, they didn't have stock of the Maxxis so went with your suggestion, both 2.6 and Grid. Black diamond not in stock.
  9. Chubba

    New Tires

    What about aggressor 2.5 front and 2.3 rear?
  10. Chubba

    New Tires

    Hi all, Question you have all heard before, but.... My Nobby Nics are done on my Ibis Ripley and i want to replace them with better performing tires The NN is not great over loose/loose over hard, so want something griper but don't want to increase rolling resistance or weight. What you guys think about a Maxxis DHF 2.5 Mountain on the front and a Maxxis Ardent 2.4 on the rear. Or what other recommendations. I ride trails like Tygerberg trails/Tokai/Table Mountain/Signal Hill etc. Thanks.
  11. i didn't take the ibis rims, on 29 internal width.
  12. Ja, beautiful bike. You can certainly get caught up with the short travel/long travel madness.
  13. I took the 2.6 NN off and got a 2.35NN in front and a 2.25 NN at the back. Not convinced with the traction on loose gravel type stuff and traction in the wet. I do think the handling is better with the bigger NN, but this thing climbs like a rocket with the thinner tires.
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