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Best thing for beginners


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Two quick things for beginners to think about.


Firstly, getting your bike set up properly. A friend of mine went to Aaran Brown (http://www.cyclefit.co.za/) a while ago and told me I should go. As a beginner with a bike that still was less value than my car I believed that it would be wrong for me to go to someone like Aaran. I finaly went (sort of because I got a new bike Embarrassed) and what a great experiance. Aaran must be one of the friendliest guys I have come across. Not only did he sort out my position on the bike the whole time he explains what he is doing. This helps you as a beginer to understand some of the fundimentals of riding. To say this has helped me is an understandement, my times on both my MTB and road bike have improved by at least 15% and for me the best is I am able to climb strongly now. So all I can say about this is if you are starting do yourself a favour and give Aaran a call and get fitted, it is the best money you will spend in cycling and will save you years of pain and frustration.


Secondly I would like to thank all the hubbers who suggested to start servicing my own bike. I decided to take the plunge today and am about 50% through dismantling and setting up my MTB. What fun and besides my tubeless tyre bursting because I left the wheel in the sun, I think I will be saving thousands. Again I suggest this to any beginner as while stripping a bike you really get to understand how it works.



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STOP talking crap on the hub...and finish your bike  service!!Big%20smile You are only 50% through it...

Great advice though....hope everyone takes it to heart!!


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