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Osteo Arthritis

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Anybody got any advice for Osteo Arthritis. Developed a grating noise in my one knee that I only have when pedalling uphill on the downstroke of the pedal. This prompted me to go for a medical & all blood tests, cardio etc. was fine however the GP didn't offer any advice re- the knee.

Some internet research revealed that I may have Osteo Arthritis.


Does anyone know whether it is possible to repair the cartilage or whatever is causing the problem?

Is it best to find a chiropractor for advice? It appears as though you need to find someone who has a sport background and preferably a cyclist.
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I have osteo arthritis in my hip and since I started using glucosamine and chrondroitin it has improved dramatically. Suggest you just google these two natural substances and read about them. Tablets I use are called Arthro Guard. I was diagnosed in my early 20's and I will be 50 this year...I ride competitively and without using chrondroitin and glucosamine I would probably have had a hip operation a long time ago.

A number of glucosamine chondroitin studies have shown the effect of thesesubstances in the body. Glucosamine helps make your cartilage stronger and rigid. It is also proven to relieve pain and treat osteoarthritis in the joints. Chondroitin, on the other hand, enhances the shock-absorbing capacity of the cartilage and makes it more flexible. It has also lessens the inflammation and promotes improved joint function.
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Thanks for the advice and I now feel more positive after knowing you have managed to ride for a number of years with a hip problem (I only started riding 2 years ago and am your age) . At the time that I wrote in asking for info. on this matter I had just been to a GP who did a full medical and didn't really check out my knee properly except to talk about osteo arthritis.

Today I went to a sports doctor at the Kings Park Complex and after a full check up he said it was patello femoral crynitis?.

He seemed to be fairly positive that if I don't have any pain or swelling at this stage, then it is fine to ride. He did suggest that I have x-rays of both knees which I did tonight. Will be forwarding him the report tomorrow.


He said that he will refer me to a biokinetisist who will recommend exercises to strengthen areas around the knee.


Am hoping to do quite a few of the races this year but will see how it goes.
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Do you guys know how to prevent osteoarthritis for younger people? What is the right diet and activities for its prevention? I don't wanna have that one day.

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Apologies, I mis-diagnosed myself after doing some research on the internet. The Sports Doctor says that I have patello femoral crepatis which is a cracking. grating noise in the knee. It is either from overuse or could have also been caused by 2 falls I had onto my knee after moving over to cleat pedals.

I have also learnt from research that bike setup is very important and for this problem is better to have your saddle positioned higher to prevent excessive bending of the knee.
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