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Definitly road bike...  I already have shoes, helmet the works... All i need now is the bike.  But i got stuck with the money so i'm in a tight spot.  My goals... Well a few people i know are quite serious about cycling.  I just got out matric and gave up rugby and cricket because of practicing times intervering with varsity classes.  So I'm very competitve and really want to take up this sport seriously...  But yea cant start without a bike.  Thanks for your replies guys...Ouch

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so what is it you're looking for? Someone to train with? A cheap 2nd hand bike that you will most probably want to upgrade in 2.3 months? A date? (don't laugh - it has been requested on The Hub before...) 


Bit more info needed mate.


But welcome!!! The sooner you get on a bike, the better you'll feel.


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Haha sory my other post was ful so had to start a new one...  Well i'm gonna be honest. in about 2 months i'l be getting a bike, but the bug has bitten me and i just can't wait to start.  Every morning i just wanna get up an start cycling.  I know there must be guys with a few bikes out there that don't use all of them and that just stand around.  All of my friends only have one bike so there is no way that i can borrow one from them.  So i'm actually praying and hoping there will be someone that will lend me a bike for 2 months so that i can just get started because this sitting around is making me mad...


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