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Hydraulic hose


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Spent the evening fitting all my bits seem to have come right except the new XT Brakes  hose lengths are wrong.


Back is a 1250 and original off bike is a 1350 but looks like I will just get away with that but the front is a 1000 and original was already long at 800 so I need to chop about 250 off the front


They came with the blocks to clamp pipe and the olive and insert just read shimano tech document and it looks straigt forward is there anything I need to know before cutting the hose.


I really didnt want this hassle as now I also need to go buy fluid etc to bleed them as wellAngry


If I cut the hose at the lever side and keep everything upright would I get away with using a syringe and pushing fluid up through the caliper as I really dont want to end up with air in the system and I have never bled bike brakes (done 100's of cars but they are easy) 


Cut the outer gear cables with a dremmel worked really well brilliant clean edgesBig%20smile  thanks Schwynn


I surprised myself with the front and rear derailures as all the gears seem to work as wellLOL


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Nothing to hide with these brakes, If you have read the tech doc then just follow that, as for bleeding keep the hose upright when cutting, and when fitted push some fluid up from the caliper and hey presto job done, If you have done 100's of cars then it should be the same principle...

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